St. Valentine

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The Valentine’s Day Song Lyrics
I made a special valentine’s card for a girl I like
I gave it to her in class with all the rest
I watched her open it out of the corner of my eye
She read it then went right on to the next
I felt so broken hearted.
We were over before we started
I guess she didn’t like what I wrote
I spent forever on that stupid love note

It said:   I’m glad you and I are friends
And I hope that never ends
But I’ve been thinking
We could be more
That’s what Valentine’s day is for

Then I noticed my best friend Christy was smiling at me
She was holding the card she wasn’t supposed to be
She walked right over and got real close to me
I never really noticed it before, but her eyes were
She said: …
Then my heart started pounding and my knees went weak
‘Cuz my best friend Christy kissed me on the cheek
with her lips!
I felt so happy hearted
Look at what my mess up started
I took her hand and said: …