Find the answers to these questions by visiting the suggested webpages. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be an expert on Christmas around the world.

  1. Go to and complete the following sentences.

    1. If the shadow cast by one person gathered round the fire on Christmas night seems to lack a head, that person__________________________

    1. If the first visitor on Christmas happens to be a dark-haired man, ____________. If it is a woman,________________________________

    1. If a dog howls on Christmas Eve, it______________________________

  1. Enter this website and find out what these original gifts are.

    1. Chocolate Tasting Club

    1. Framed Share Certificate

    1. Give a Song

    1. Personal Novel

  1. What´s going on around the world on Christmas Day? Go to and find out.

    1. Austria: Who is Krampus?

    1. Czech Republic: How does Svaty Mikulas climb down to Earth?

    1. Finland: Why are graveyards a beautiful place to visit on Christmas Eve?

    1. France: What is a buche de Nol?

    1. Italy: Who is the Befana?

    1. Japan: Why do people go to KFC fast food restaurants?

    1. Venezuela: How do people in Venezuela go to church on Chirstmas day?

  1. What do they eat in the countries mentioned? Find some help at

    1. Egypt

    1. Poland

    1. Scandinavia

  1. Are you curious about the Guinness Christmas records? You will find information at
    1. How long has Jean-Guy Laquerre been collecting Santa Claus memorabilia?

    1. What is the size of the largest Santa?

    1. Where was the largest floating Christmas tree erected?

    1. What was the most expensively decorated tree set up with?

    1. How many participants were involved in the largest Santa secret game?